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Please approach us to explore partnerships.

We are 100% South Aussies and we are focused on our local community, its schools, sporting clubs, social clubs and events. We encourage involvement and support of our community services and always looking into ways to give back by donating our resources and products.

Sturt FC

The connection between a footy club, its fans and community is strong.

For many supporters, it’s an allegiance from childhood. It is a passion shared with family and friends. As a local family business, we are proud to support our local football club and be part of such an important community stakeholder.

Just like the Sturt FC, Adelaide’s finest supermarkets have a long history and are proud of our support and positive involvement with our communities. The Sturt FC club is calling you to be part of the tribe as a member, as a spectator and as a flag-bearer.

We hope that our sponsorship support brings further success and confidence to the Sturt FC and all its stakeholders.

Visit the Sturt FC website for more details http://sturtfc.com.au/


Our stores have aligned ourselves and support Youthinc. Youthinc is a registered Australian charity established in 2006 to help disadvantaged youth in South Australia and receives ongoing financial support from its generous corporate patron, Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets.


Our approach is simple… we use work as a context for change.

We provide the long term unemployed and other disengaged youth with paid work that includes a range of personal development and life skills programs.

We help. Visit the youthinc website for more details http://youthinc.org.au/

Wildcatch Fisheries

We are proud that Adelaide’s finest supermarkets is an integral partner within the South Australian Seafood Industry. We support and buy direct with local fishing businesses who are generally family enterprises that operate throughout regional SA. For multiple generations these fishers have been battling the wind, waves and tides to ensure you have a fresh supply of local seafood available.

The fishing community that we purchase from are on the water daily and are the custodians of the marine environment. They have a vested interest in the long term sustainable harvest of the resource and they take their responsibility very seriously.

Visit Wildcatch Fisheries SA Website for more details http://www.wfsa.org.au/

Food Rescue – OzHarvest

Our supermarket does more than reach out for the community, we pride ourselves in being part of it!

We have joined forces with a‘OzHarvest’ to help benefit local charities. These amazing organisations donate surplus foods from Adelaide’s finest supermarkets to charities and many more not-for-profit organisations.

Visit OzHarvest for more details http://ozharvest.org/

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