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Pasadena’s head butcher David Exton says The Butcher’s Block at Frewville and Pasadena have a wide array of good-quality chicken whether it’s free range, corn fed or certified organic.

We also have our own Adelaide’s Finest Supermarket brand of chickens which is a quality SA product we’re proud of.

“The chicken is 100% free range, antibiotic free, hormone free and the grain they eat is free from pesticides.” 

David says The Butcher’s Block team help make life easy for time-poor people with a range of ready-made chicken meals. 

“People love our chicken mignon wrapped in bacon which is all ready for the oven and our Thai-style pandan chicken is also quick and easy,” he says.  

“Our best seller, though, is our signature Mr Nick’s chicken souvlaki skewers. They’re coated in a spice mix which we make with ingredients from our spicebar.”

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