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Meet Barbara McCall. She is one of the impressive pianists who shares her musical talents with us at Frewville and Pasadena. 

Barbara has been playing the piano for more than 70 years.  She started learning on her parents’ pianola as a child and she has played professional gigs since she was 18. She has a vast repertoire and is a natural musician, able to play by ear.

Just this week at Frewville, an interested observer asked Barbara if she knew any Creedence Clearwater and Barbara immediately launched into a spirited version of Proud Mary, much to the delight of the customer.

The former nurse has played piano in restaurants, hotels and wine bars in Adelaide and interstate where she lived for more than a decade.  Her play list is so wide reaching that she says it is impossible to describe but you may hear her playing songs by Elvis,  Bill Joel, Roy Orbison and Venetta Fields , the latter who she describes as a mentor and inspiration.

“I enjoy my sessions at Adelaide’s Finest and I really love sharing my music with anyone who enjoys it!” Barbara says.

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