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This month our Blue Zone Wellbeing Kitchen team have been showcasing and will continue to showcase our healthy takeaway meals created by our in-store chefs, every Thursday at Frewville Foodland and Friday at Pasadena Foodland from 11am-1pm up until 2nd July 2021. We invite you to come on in for a visit and have a taste!

Inspiration for the name Blue Zone Wellbeing Kitchen comes from Ikaria, the Greek Island home of Mr Nick. Ikaria is one of those few Blue Zones in the world where people enjoy a longer life of good health and wellbeing. 

Our Blue Zone meals have been carefully created using only the finest quality organic and local seasonal produce, ancient grains & seeds, medicinal herbs & spices, pastured hormone free meats & wild fish.

We love supporting our local farmers as well as our community and land to bring you the highest quality fresh meals made in house by our chefs.

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