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Adelaide’s finest supermarkets founder Nick Chapley, affectionately known as Mr Nick, is celebrating 70 years in retail with new innovations and investments in our award-winning stores.

Mr Nick, alongside his son Spero Chapley who is celebrating his 30th year in the family business, have plans underway for range of new innovations including; 
– A new, unique instore seafood experience;
– An investment in regenerative urban agriculture;
– Further expansion of Youth Inc;
– Development of a new events program and plans to make our stores tourism destinations

These innovations are designed to create new opportunities for our staff, suppliers and community partners.

Spero Chapley says his father’s business success was due to hard work, resilience and an entrepreneurial and community-minded spirit. “I’ve also been lucky to inherit these attributes from my father”.

For 70 years, Mr Nick has set the bar very high with his dedication to the community, fostering partnerships, service excellence and creating employment opportunities for thousands of South Australians. 

The father and son duo have a special relationship and strong bond, one which was recently highlighted in a national TV advert by IGA.  

“I get great pleasure working with Spero and other members of our family but also walking through our stores and talking to our team who’ve also become family after many years of working together.”

“While the big supermarkets are cutting customer service, we’re looking for new ways to employ more people because we’re here to provide a return on investment to our customers, staff and suppliers, not shareholders.” Mr Nick says.

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