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Adelaide’s Finest has the most comprehensive range of branded products – our Frewville and Pasadena stores have about 60 per cent more choice than the major supermarkets. 

We’re going further to help people manage their budgets during these difficult economic times with our expanding range of Community Co brand products which offer great quality at affordable prices. 

As a family-owned business, we understand how challenging it is right now for other families to balance the household budget and we believe our home brand can help shave dollars off your shopping bills.

We carried out a random sampling of Community Co grocery staples and compared them with market-leading brands (of the same size) to see how much you can save by choosing our home brand.

We selected 10 everyday grocery items, made a price comparison with leading brands and the survey results were very positive for Community Co,

Community Co Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml: $8  (competitor price $18) :  saving $10

Community Co Apricot Halves 695g: $3.70  (competitor $4.70): saving $1

Community Co Whole Egg Mayonnaise: 460g  $4 (competitor $7): saving $3

Community Co Honey 375g:  $5.40 (competitor $7.40) :saving $2

Community Co Choc Mint Cream Biscuits 225g:  $3.90 (competitor $4.50) : saving 60c

Community Co Basmati Rice 1kg:  $3.99 (competitor $6.05): saving $2.05

Community Co Tasty Shredded Cheese 250g: $5 (competitor $7.20): saving  $2.20

Community Co Greek Style Yoghurt  1 litre: $3.99  (competitor $8): saving $4

Community Co Coconut Water 1ltr: $3.20 (competitor $5.50): saving $2.30

Community Co Passata 690g:  $2.20 (competitor $4.50): saving $2.30


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