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We’re sharing some tips and tricks to help you prep like a pro and present a memorable grazing board this long weekend.

Ask our friendly staff at Cheesebar, Salumibar and Deli for their recommendations and serving suggestions!

• Simple is better when it comes to the serving plate so use a basic wooden board or plain platter if possible. Bases with busy design or too much detail tends detracts from the artful look of the finished product.

• Provide a good assortment of items on the board for abundance. Try to include at least three different types of cheeses (a soft, a hard and perhaps a goat curd or crumbly feta) and three different types of cured meats.

• When adding crudites (raw vegetable slices), choose varieties with different shapes, colours and textures. It’s best to stick to firm and crisp varieties that retain their freshness such as carrots, celery or capsicum.

• For fruit, choose varieties that won’t go brown easily and have staying power such as grapes, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.

• Crackers are essential, use two varieties and one glutem free type, or add sliced baguette or ciabatta bread.

• Dips are good for visual variety and the chance to include different flavours. Put them into little bowls – but keep the tubs with lids so you can put the leftovers back into the fridge.   

• Salty nuts, juicy olives, dried fruit, pickled vegetables, sweet fig jam or fig pastes are great additions to a cheese board. Fill in open spaces with berries, nuts and add flourishes at the end such as fresh herbs or edible flowers. 

• Keep things looking “casually organised” so the presentation has a rustic, relaxed look.  Include cheese in  different-sized pieces for interest and when placing the salumi, fold it in half and then half again. It helps make the most of space and the salumi looks better!

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