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When you pick up a bouquet from Flowerbar this Valentine’s Day, or any day, there’s a good chance the flowers are from one of our long-term local suppliers.

Our trained florists source 75% of our flowers from local growers so customers receive the freshest blooms which last longer and deliver the best value. 

One of our valued suppliers is Flower Power at Swan Reach, a small farm owned and operated by Kristin Owen and Ric Hudson-Jones.

The couple supplies us with flowers and foliage including Zinnias, Geraldton Wax , Queen Anne’s Lace, Gum, Matracaria (Chamomile), Silver Suede, Banksia and olive branches.

Kristin and Ric met when they were both working as citrus fruit pickers. The couple bought the 29-acre property at Swan Reach 25 years ago.

They started off purely growing Geraldton wax and gradually added more plant and flower varieties.

“We are a very small business but we appeal to retailers like Adelaide’s Finest who are looking for some interesting and different varieties in their bouquets,” Kristin says.

“We choose plants that are happy in our environment which is by the Murray River with sandy soils and a climate which is  little hotter than Adelaide in summer and a little cooler in winter”.

Frewville Flowerbar manager Janene Franklin describes Flower Power’s products as “beautiful, different and always fresh and natural”.

“We work hard to avoid chemical sprays and only use pest control as a last resort. We prefer not to touch harsh chemicals, we love people to receive our flowers in their natural state,” Kristin says.

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