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Get together with the family and friends for an Aussie barbecue featuring a crowd favourite – juicy lamb loin chops! 

Flock in our catalogue special of lamb loin chop family packs at the baaa-rgain price of $16kg (until Tues 30th Jan 2024) which offers sheer-ious value.

Lamb loin chops are from the most tender (and leanest) section of the lamb and they’re ideal for barbecuing and best suited to high heat cooking methods.

To cook the perfect chops season both sides in a tray with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. Cook them for 4-5 minutes either side (depending on thickness) and then rest for 5 minutes. When ready to serve, place them back on the barbecue for 2 minutes either side to reheat and simply serve with lemon wedges.

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