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Adelaide’s Finest founder—Mr Nick—turns 90 this year and that watermelon he’s lifting is 20kgs! This photo sums up his life: plenty of hard work and sweet rewards. Born on the island of Ikaria in Greece, Mr Nick has a deep connection to the Ikarian lifestyle of growing food at home, incidental exercise, and plenty of socialising.

Since the release of the successful Netflix series, Live to 100: The Secrets of the Blue Zones, lots of customers have noticed the Blue Zone Wellbeing Kitchen in our stores and started to connect that with our founder’s longevity.

Blue Zones are areas across the globe where a high proportion of the residents live to 100 and beyond. Growing and eating your own food is one of the common contributing factors to a long and healthy life.

We appreciate not everyone is able to grow their own food at home. Some 10 years ago, Adelaide’s Finest introduced organic produce in a big way. To give our customers confidence we became the first supermarket in Australia to achieve organic certification.

Adelaide’s Finest Organic is the next best thing to growing your own 20kg watermelons at home. Sometimes the veggies may have a unique shape, or look different to the conventional varieties, but we can assure you they’re absolutely delicious and full of raw nutrition.

Our huge range of organics extends beyond the fresh section too; we have thousands of organic products in our grocery aisles – all at the best possible price.

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