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No one knows how to reinvent leftover food quite like the home cooking legends of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) .  

We hosted a Love Your Leftovers workshop at Frewville earlier this week and learnt some Christmas leftover hacks from Jenny, Patricia and Melanie from the SA CWA Stirling and districts branch.
These clever and creative cooks were joined by the dynamic Sarah from KESAB environmental solutions who shared handy tips on how to avoid food waste this festive season.

Simple suggestions include using leftover turkey and ham with a tasty condiment to make a simple toastie or try out Patricia’s recipe for Leftover Hand Pies.

*Consider having a “leftovers party” on Boxing Day. Invite your friends around and you can enjoy the delicious foods you each enjoyed on Christmas Day!

*Don’t put all your food out at once, hold some back if you have made a lot of food.
This keeps those ‘leftovers’ as fresh as they can be.

*Don’t dress salad until the last minute, or better still,  pop the dressing on the side and guests can add as much as they like.  

This means you will have crispy salad leaves that can be used later in wraps or sandwiches rather than soggy salad remnants.

*Jenny made chocolate “bark” which is a great way to use up any of those small portions of leftover nuts and dried fruit Bonus Bark tips – use pistachio nuts for a lovely green colour. 

Also, Jenny recommends storing nuts in the fridge because they are heavy in unsaturated fats and keeping them cool stops oils from seeping out so the nuts remain more fresh.

Find the recipes for the Chocolate Bark and Leftovers Hand Pies from the CWA Stirling and districts branch members by clicking here.

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