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In celebration of Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week (which runs between 13th-19th November), we are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a special event featuring the incredible Sarah from KESAB environmental solutions.

Sarah is a true champion of recycling and sustainability, and she will be sharing her wealth of knowledge and insights on all things recycling ♻️

Join us on Monday 13th November at Frewville Foodland from 11am-1pm and at Pasadena Foodland from 2pm-4pm for an engaging and informative session. Sarah will be discussing the importance of recycling, sharing practical tips and tricks, and answering all your burning questions!

Did you know??…

As part of Adelaide’s Finest commitment to environmental and community care, we offer free battery recycling via our store front collection stations.

Adelaide’s Finest is proud to partner with local composters Jeffries, to create nutrient rich soil that grows our food.

Recycling paper & cardboard saves water, energy and our ecosystems. (Recycling 1 Tonne of paper/cardboard saves approx. 11 barrels of oil, 27,000L of water and 4182kWh of energy). Make sure paper/cardboard is larger than an envelope (small/shredded paper is hard to separate so best composted) and is clean/dry (soiled paper/card is best composted as it can’t make good quality paper).

-South Aussies are great recyclers returning around 660 Million drink containers for recycling annually. That’s over 40,000 tonnes, supporting our communities and the circular economy with $60M! National Recycling Week is a great time to continue this practice.

Steel is a valuable recyclable! Recycle your cans to save up to 75% energy and reduce air and water pollution. Place empty cans loosely in recycling bins and look for recycled content in your next purchase.

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