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Husband and wife team Sonja Bognarova and Plamen Paraskekov grow certified organic strawberries at their 32-hectare property in Lobethal.

The couple planted their first small block of organic strawberries in the 2010-2011 season and when they outgrew the first property, in 2016, they bought their own patch of land the Hills which they converted to organic.

The farm-fresh strawberries are always snapped up quickly when they arrive in-store. “We have people saying ‘wow, these strawberries taste like what my grandmother used to grow’. The flavour gets them in, every time” Sonja says.

SA Organic Strawberries have a long association with AFS which means their local organic farm is supported while our customers get the tastiest berries ?❤️

Watch our farm visit to SA Organic Strawberries here

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