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Adelaide’s Finest Spicebar features close to 200 varieties of whole spice, spice powders, and unique house blends for you to fall passionately in love with. Don’t worry if you don’t know the difference between saffron and sumac because Adelaide’s Finest spice expert has a couple of simple recommendations for this week’s catalogue items.

Adelaide’s Finest Spice Queen, Jueyenne, suggests transforming this week’s GIVE AWAY PRICE salmon portions with a sprinkle of the Fennel Fish Rub. This custom blend is created in-house with fennel and coriander seeds, salt, and white pepper.

First, heat some olive oil on medium-high heat and for best results she suggests crisping the skin in a fry pan first before turning, applying the rub to the skin. Cook for a couple of minutes, then turn again to fry skin-side down.

For an instant Moroccan twist on a regular lamb roast, massage this week’s GIVE AWAY PRICE lamb leg in olive oil then dust and rub with a liberal distribution of our Chermoula. This fragrant blend is made from turmeric, paprika and cumin, and will have the house smelling like an exotic Marrakech market by the time it’s ready to carve.

Lift the lid on Adelaide’s Finest Spicebar and smell the inspiration of so many flavours from around the world.

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