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Fresh Produce

Every morning truckloads of produce arrive directly into our supermarkets where our expert teams check and carefully stack to provide you with the freshest fruit and vegetables.

Our team continue to build long-term partnerships with local growers.

When our customers think of Adelaide’s finest supermarkets they think of the freshest, highest quality organic and well being foods. Our buyers have been selecting our fruit and vegetables direct from local growers and the Adelaide Produce Markets for over 50 years.

Our team will continue to build long-term partnerships with local growers and work together to select the finest fruit and vegetables available. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to freshness, taste and real value… we know what our customers expect.

Current specials

  • Organic Jap Pumpkin 1kg
    $ 2 . 50 ($2.50/kg) Save $1.50

    Organic Jap Pumpkin 1kg

  • Strawberries Punnet 250g
    $ 2 . 90 ($11.60/kg) Save $2.60

    Strawberries Punnet 250g

  • Organic Sweet Potatoes 1kg
    $ 3 . 90 ($3.90/kg) Save $5.00

    Organic Sweet Potatoes 1kg

  • Kestrel Potatoes Pre Pack Bag 2kg
    $ 4 ($2/kg) Save $2.50

    Kestrel Potatoes Pre Pack Bag 2kg

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