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Our goal is to sell the highest quality products and to also offer high value for our customers by providing product quality standards that focus on ingredients, freshness, taste, nutritive value and appearance.

We appreciate and celebrate that great food improves the lives of all of our stakeholders.

We don’t cut our range, we increase it. While we have very high standards for product quality, we believe that it is important to be inclusive and open minded on fresh produce products.

Due to the diversity in our customer needs, background and culinary aspirations we cater and pursue products far greater and broader than a standard supermarket. We also have strong relationships with local suppliers and growers to create avenues and opportunities in constantly growing and improving on our amazing range. Being locally based enables us to respond effectively and proactively in the recognition of local needs, products and special dietary requirements.

With dedicated sections for:

  • Organic fruit and vegetables
  • Organic dry foods (products)
  • Gluten free foods (products)
  • Vegan food (products)
  • Kosher food (products)
  • Australian and International gourmet food

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