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Linger a little longer among the Greek “aisles”

Here, inside Adelaide’s Finest, we created Mr Nick’s hospitality offering as a way to share Ikaria’s recipe for longevity. Part social club, part canteen, we invite all our shoppers to linger a little longer among the Greek “aisles.”

We want you to be able to take a breath, and a seat, and enjoy the simple pleasure of great food and drink… while doing
the shopping.

Our new menu hones in on the best South Australian produce and our chefs keep every dish simple so we can serve it up fast and you can enjoy it slow.

When life is long, there’s no need to rush.

So take a seat next time you shop with us. Share a meal with a neighbour you know or someone you don’t, and cheers to good health with a nice glass of wine. Why not? You’re at Adelaide’s Finest after all. Yiamas!

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Kitchen Opening Hours;

Coffee 8am – 4pm
Brunch/Lunch 10am-3pm

Coffee 8am – 4pm
Brunch/Lunch 10am-3pm

Coffee 9am – 4pm
Brunch/Lunch 10am-3pm

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