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We support and buy direct with local fishing businesses who are generally family enterprises that operate throughout regional SA. For multiple generations these fishers have been battling the wind, waves and tides to ensure you have a fresh supply of local seafood available.

Our market and cooking culture. Creating a true cultural, culinary experience.

We are proud that Adelaide’s finest supermarkets is an integral partner within the South Australian Seafood Industry. Our goal is to sell the highest quality products that also offer high value for our customers. The fishing community that we purchase from are on the water daily and are the custodians of the marine environment. They have a vested interest in the long term sustainable harvest of the resource and they take their responsibility very seriously.

The ambience that our fish mongers’ create with their passion and displays will surprise you as we aspire to provide the very best quality, widest range possible, locally caught seafood from sustainable fisheries in South Australia. Incorporating a ‘work together’ approach with fishers and fishing industry to advance the promotion of fresh high quality local seafood to be supplied by sustainable fisheries.

We are committed to uniting fresh, locally grown produce with farm-raised and wild-caught seafood to suggest or make the freshest dishes you’ll find anywhere. Our signature raw crustacean bar will offer a variety of oysters, and famous crustaceans.

All of our fish are purchased daily from the local market by our own people and filleted and prepared on site. We know where the fish is caught and we can help you with ideas to prepare and cook the fish for a meal. If you are after value, taste and healthy meal ideas, our fish mongers are ready to serve you.

We provide customers with Adelaide’s freshest fish as well as expert personal service and best quality seafood at great prices. Our team provides years experience in the industry and on site filleting, freshly shucked oysters, special order requests and cooking hints.

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