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We’re thrilled about our cultured collab with SA food lover, clever cook and fermentation queen Mandy Hall, MasterChef 2019! Mandy is a regular shopper at AFS and has been involved in engaging community in-store events such as kimchi workshops, zero-waste dinners as well as providing our followers with a helpful online recipe series.

Mandy is well known for her fermenting skills which were cemented after she took part in a fermentation residency with famed US author Sandor Katz at his home in Tennessee. She loves to share the message that the buzz around fermented foods is partly due to their health benefits but she is most excited about exploring the great flavours!

“It’s been around forever. Yes, it’s very good for you, yes it preserves food – but do it for the flavour, the flavours are amazing,” she says.

“There are so many incredible things about fermentation that people forget about, wine, chocolate, charcuterie, cheese, soy sauce, bread – they are all products of fermentation. There’s all the incredible stuff that’s going on behind the scenes all over the world, inroads to flavours that will blow your socks off and astonishing new ways to treat food”.

Now is the perfect time to create your own kimchi at home and you can find Mandy’s kimchi recipe here!

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