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Cured salmon, or gravlax, is a great way to prep and serve Tasmanian salmon portions which are on special this week (available until 12th September 23) at the giveaway price of $28.90/kg. 

This simple Scandi-inspired recipe uses beetroot for colour, coriander and cumin seeds for some exotic spicing and the orange juice and zest (using Navels on special this week for just 70c/kg) adds citrus sweetness. 

This recipe serves 10 people as a starter. 
1kg salmon pieces (on special this week at $28.90/kg) 
140g caster sugar
100g sea salt 
2 medium beetroots, peeled, coarsely grated
1 tblsp each of coriander and cumin seeds from Spicebar (grind in a mortar and pestle or buy as ground spice)
Zest and juice of 2 navel oranges (on special this week 70c/kg)  

Place all ingredients (except the salmon) in a bowl and combine well to make a wet salt mix. Spread half the salt mix evenly in a large dish, then lay the fillets skin-side down on top of the salt. Firmly press the salmon down into the salt, then top with the remaining salt mix. Ensure each fillet is evenly coated and packed firmly with the salt.  

Wrap the whole dish in glad wrap and place a heavy plate or tray on top of the fillets to weigh them down. Transfer to the fridge for 24 hours. About half way through the curing process, unwrap, remove the plate and turn the fish, pressing the other side firmly into the salt. Re-position the plate, wrap tightly again and refrigerate for the remaining time. 

After 24 hours, remove the salmon from the fridge and wash off the excess salt for a few minutes under cold, running water. Pat dry on kitchen paper. With a sharp knife, thinly slice the salmon from the flesh to the skin. Tuck the knife under each slice to release from the skin, which you don’t eat. 

Sprinkle with fresh dill and serve with rye bread, horseradish and lemon wedges

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