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We all connect seafood with summer eating but in fact winter is a brilliant time to enjoy Australian seafood.

Many fish varieties have fat added in response to the colder temperature waters so they can actually taste better. Fish are a rich source of omega-3 fats which can help us all avoid the winter blues.

Also, there can be less consumer demand for certain varieties in winter so the price reduces and you can bag a seafood bargain.

When it comes to winter fish, we all love our King George whiting and garfish but there is an abundance of lesser-known South Aussie fish to consider when next thinking about what to put on the dinner table.

The friendly fishmongers at Adelaide’s Finest are encouraging us all to be a little more adventurous and seek out alternative fish species which are versatile, great value and help support sustainability,

There’s an untapped supply of underused but great-tasting fish right here in our local waters and our seafood team is keen to show customers just what they are missing out on.

We tend to gravitate to familiar species such as whiting, flathead or salmon.  The problem is that SA fisheries are managed in a sustainable way so sometimes these popular species are not always available – or may be a little more expensive at times.

To combat that, there is an array of alternative varieties which seafood lovers can seek out at Adelaide’s Finest and, depending on the season or availability, these include SA mulloway, yellowfin whiting tommy ruff, octopus, sardine, gurnard and snook.

Our friendly fishmongers at Adelaide’s Finest are knowledgeable about all the seafood they sell and are happy to suggest alternative fish for those who want to change things up in the kitchen. 

The seafood departments at Frewville and Pasadena have an unbeatable selection of best-quality, fresh, sustainable, locally-sourced and affordable fish which makes it easy to reel in something deliciously different.  

Pasadena seafood manager Gus Logue says customers can look out for great-eating but lesser-targeted fish varieties this winter such as bonito tunamackerel, sardines, boarfish, snook, stargazer (monkfish), mulloway, golden perch or yellow-eye mullet, among many other species.

A lot of these under-utilised fish species have been taking a back seat to more popular species but that doesn’t mean these unusual or  unrecognisable fish aren’t worth your attention.

Smart fish swaps:  replace flathead with gurnard, snapper with ocean perch, yellow fin or bluefin tuna with mackerel or swap salmon for mullet .

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