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Since 2017 our Shop Assist volunteer service at Pasadena Foodland has been helping members of our community with their shopping experience – regardless of the time of day. Shop Assist has been coordinated by local volunteer Julie Willmot (pictured right in 1st photo and centre in 2nd ) who helps those such as Sheila (right in 2nd photo), who has been shopping weekly at Pasadena Foodland for 16 years.

Given the current circumstances we are now expanding Shop Assist in order to alleviate any additional pressure some customers may be experiencing. We have added easily identifiable staff such as Kleio (left) to our Shop Assist service for the entire trading day – this may include, reaching for items, pushing a trolley, finding product on the shelves, bagging produce, assisting the shopper to the car. Additional staff will be added to the service at both Frewville and Pasadena Foodland.

These staff are easily identified by their bright red t-shirts and complement both the existing Shop Assist service and that provided by our 700 employees across our stores. Additional volunteers are always welcome and can register online or in-store.

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