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We have an outstanding special this week (Wednesday 7th Feb – Tuesday 13 Feb 2024) with whole, fresh Luv-A-Duck ducks at just $5/kg which means a delicious no-fuss roast duck can be the start of your Lunar New Year feast (Saturday, February 10).

Our chef Ning from Orientbar at Pasadena used a 2kg whole fresh duck, rubbed it with salt and Adelaide’s Finest 5 Spice blend and roasted it in the oven for an hour and 20 mins.  She let the duck rest for 20 mins and then cut it into portions.

Our catalogue also has popular Asian bunches  (Bok Choy, Buk Choy, Choy Sum, Chinese Broccoli, Coriander and Mint)  at just 5 for $5.

Ning served the roast duck with a few blanched Asian greens scattered with sliced red chilli.  

  • You can find Luv-A-Duck ducks in the refrigerated section of our Meat Departments at both stores.
  • Asian greens bunches are available in the Fresh Produce section at both stores.
  • Adelaide’s Finest 5 Spice blend is available in bulk, as much or as little as you need, at Spicebar at both stores.  

Our friends from Luv-A-Duck , who supply us with the top-quality Aussie product, share some tips and tricks to help you create juicy, succulent roast duck every time.

  1. Save the fat from the roasting tray to create crispy roast potatoes! Leave it to cool and then store in the fridge for later use.
  2. Never stuff the duck as it prevents even cooking. Instead, place your favourite herbs, zest of orange or garlic inside the cavity to infuse the meat with flavours.
  3. For a super-crispy skin, leave duck uncovered in refrigerator to dry out overnight before roasting.
  4. To re-heat duck, place the portions skin side up in a hot oven or under a hot grill.
  5. Serve any sauces you use on the plate under the duck instead of pouring it onto the skin to keep it crispy.
  6.  Cooking times. Duck should be cooked at 190°C for 40 mins per kg.

Size of duck and cooking time:

1.6kg – 1 hour 5 mins

1.8kg – 1 hour 10 mins

2kg – 1 hour 20 mins

2.2kg – 1 hour 30 mins

2.4kg – 1 hour 35 mins

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